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Patient demographics

The general demographics of the normal patient used to create the atlas

Patient's General Demographics
Age 25
Sex Male
Height 168cm
Weight 80.8kg
Ethnicity Indian
Smoker No
Alcohol intake No
Cardiovascular History
Hypertension No
Previous MI No
Previous CABG No
Previous PTCA No
Angina No
Heart Failure No
Rheumatic Fever No
Diabetes No
Congenital Heart Disease No
Renal Failure No
Physical Examination Results
Heart Rate 72Beats/min
Systolic Blood Pressure 106 mmHg
Diastolic Blood Pressure 76 mmHg
Electrocardiogram Results
Heart Rate 62 Beats/min
PR 172
QT 359
QTc 364

Electrocardiogram output

A thumbnail of the output of teh Electrocradiogram.

The print of the patient's electrocardiogram. Download the large version of this image (213kb - JPG format).