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I can not run the Cardiac Atlas viewer?

The Cardiac Atlas has been written in a language called Java. Java is a free programming language supplied by Sun Microsystems Inc. A java applet is designed to allow a user to interact with a webpage. You may consider it as an embedded program. For the Cardiac Atlas Viewer to run, your web browser must have java enabled and be running the Java Real Time enviornment of 1.5 or better.

The Cardiac Atlas viewer works at home but not at work or university?

When testing the Cardiac Atlas viewer we also encountered this problem. We found this was due to your internet connection. If you are using a proxy server, these can be configured to block the access of embedded programs such as java applets. This may be due to, for example, security reasons or download constraints. If you think this might be the reason please contact your Web adminstrator.

Slow downloads

The Cardiac Atlas viewer was redesigned to improve the download speed, however download speed is limited by your own connection speed. To improve the download we developed a new navigation method. Initally upon selecting a new image plane a large number of thumbnails are downloaded. The idea of this feature is to allow you to select your desired image without having to download the larger image. This should prevent uneccessary downloading.

I can not run the Cine player?

The Cine player is a new feature to the Auckland Cardiac Atlas. It is uses Adobe Macromedia Flashplayer and Javascript. For it to run Javascript must be enabled and you must be running a Flashplayer v6 or better.